Teach Me How to Love

Much like the song, there are people who haven’t loved before, but when you are in a relationship with that person, can you blame them for lacking? Is it wrong to become frustrated if that person genuinely doesn’t know how make you happy, or romance you from time to time?

In my mind, love is powerful enough to answer all questions. I cannot or will not “teach” anyone how to love me. I think being in love is a lesson in itself. You suddenly want to do more and will nearly do anything to make your significant other happy. OK, maybe that was a little harsh, so I will say this: I’m willing to guide you from time to time but I cannot make you fall for me, nor will I try to. Something that special should evolve naturally.


I am a very opinionated woman, and most of the time it’s my way or the highway. I pride myself in being a strong and very proud of my background. And in that light I respect and I am drawn towards other women who also have similar qualities. I would rather pay my own way and I was taught do not expect anything from anyone. I have been told I play too hard to get, but I don’t see the problem there? I will always be my own person, and always honor my family. I love that I can command attention or light up a room. But can all of these things be intimidating?

Smith Blue – Camille Dungy

I loved it! The poetry was very well written and best of all it was a very simple read! I am not too into poetry but I looking towards expanding my writing skills, and what better way then to read and learn. Anyway, the book is a basic “survival guide” for life. Yes, a survival guide for life, but not literally. The book is about her life and how unfortunate events always seemed to cross her path. Whether it was her marriage, family, friends, or death. She explains that regardless of how life may turn out you should remain humble and thankful. Well, that’s my take on it. “Prayer for P-” part III she says, “you’ve got to remember not to forget to remember who to thank -don’t forget to remember, I should remind you… I don’t want to have to remind you everything you have you have because of someone above you.” Although I left out a few lines, I kept enough so you can get the jist of it. That was very “down-to-earth” of her and spiritually I can relate because regardless of how many lives you lose you still have so much to be grateful for. Overall, the book had beautiful word choice and elegant similes, if you are not up for a tale of many deaths then this may not be the book for you! You have to see the good in the bad though. And I think that was the point she tried to make. 🙂


Reading a new book, it’s called: Smith Blue by Camille T. Dungy. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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“As it relates to your destiny, you do not have ANY competition. You never have to fight for what God created you to do.”

This quote truly made me smile because I know that I am following through with my destiny everyday. Opportunities that present themselves have already been laid out for me ahead of time and I do not regard anyone as competition. I am not a cocky or arrogant women, but I am confident in God, each day I FEEL everything falling into place, and I am humbled by that. And everyday I am blessed to come a little closer to my dreams.

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Today a question was brought to my attention… A friend of mine is interested in a man who recently went through a breakup. She could not help but judge him off his past, his ex. She dressed, spoke, and carried herself in a totally different manner, (let’s just say she wasn’t lady-like). Is it acceptable to judge a man, or woman by his or her past? Are exes a reflection of you?

Personally, I would answer yes and no. With each new relationship you should grow, and in most cases you will out grow people. My exes are reflections of my old mindset, my old interests, because at one time we did have something in common, something that attracted me to that person.

I believe that as we age we become wiser and we develop a standard of what we expect from a man or woman. After experimenting with the mishaps and regrets we will eventually make our way to someone who gracefully matches us.

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New Day New Grace

I woke up today in a wonderful mood. Every day is a blessing!

A Match Made in Heaven

I went to my first wedding this past weekend. I was ecstatic! It was held in a (very) small church with just a handful of family and friends. And after meeting the bride to be, there was no question in my mind that these two were meant for each other.

Maybe it’s something about weddings… It makes you believe in true love, and hopelessly wish that love will eventually conquer you too. And you think to yourself, maybe living happily ever after isn’t so far off.

The pastor began the wedding by reading a couple passages from the bible as follows: This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called “woman,” for she was taken out of man. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh…

That reading was very powerful to me. Marriage is a beautiful union between two people, under the eyes of god. Personally, I see myself in one wedding, and one wedding only. But divorce has become so popular now-a-days, I’ve seen it in within my own family, and even my friend’s families. I literally shake my head at the thought of it. Marriage is such a special occasion that a lot of people take for granted. And even though reality is somewhat discouraging, I’m still optimistic. I hope that one day the newly-weds will be attending  my wedding!

Once again, congratulations to Brandon and Akiki!

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